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Details of Retail
Introductory Program

D.R.I.P. is a training program that SHARE has been offering since 2017. 

It represents an innovative and collaborative approach to providing employment preparation and individualized skills training to small groups of young people

The program generally aims to serve youth under the age of 25 but has evolved to address the individual needs of anyone experiencing difficulty securing employment 

Retail Checkout Counter

Students with diverse abilities who are currently attending high school but who intend to register for DRIP in September of the following year can enroll in PRE-DRIP, offered March to June. The goal of this module is to gradually introduce the students to the concept of employment. Students currently in DRIP are encouraged to mentor members in the PRE-DRIP program.


Program Content

DRIP is an 18-week program delivered through weekly modules. Modules can range from one to three days a week and deal with topics such as:

General Employment Skills

  • Following Instructions

  • Attitude

  • Initiative

  • Teamwork 

  • Communication Skills

  • Occupational & Safety Training

Retail & Safety Skills

  • Merchandising

  • Display

  • Customer Service

  • How to Deal with Difficult People

  • Cash Handling

  • Pricing

  • "Making the Sale"

Job Searching Skills

  • What Employers Look For 

  • 10 Essential Skills for Employment

  • How to Keep your Job

During their training, youth will connect with a variety of customers and co-workers and perform an assortment of real-life retail duties. There is no predictable routine in their duties.

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