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CAP Program Goals

CAP is is a SHARE Society, in-house program that provides material support to low income households, individuals on social assistance, and the homeless. To do this we work alongside our many organizational partnerships to ensure individuals receive the help they need.

The purpose of this program is to use our resource of recycled goods such as clothing and household goods to give back to our community to build a better tomorrow here in Kelowna!

Our Programs: Products
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  • The C.A.P.  provides low-income clients with clothing & basic household goods free of charge.

  • The program supplies agencies serving the homeless community with material goods such as sleeping bags, blankets, coats, and other clothing necessities

  • Support community partners with a variety of material donations upon request

Community Assistance Program


S.H.A.R.E.'s Community Assistance Program has supported over 680 households with material goods this past year by working in partnership with over 30 social agencies to address the material needs of our community.

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