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Adopt-a-Family Hamper Program

Sponsor Shopping Guide


Hampers are an affordable way to support your community during the holidays. By creating their own hamper, sponsors can be creative and choose what to include, where to shop, how to wrap gifts, and how to get hampers to their match. 


It is recommended that sponsors apply half of their budget towards food or a grocery store gift card, the remainder on individual gifts. Matching is done based on budget and family size; however, special requests will be considered.


($150 Individual) ($250 Family of 2)       ($350 Family of 3)       ($450 Family of 4)

($500 and up - larger families or for multiple families)

It is important that sponsors stick to their budget.


What to include?

Sponsors are given a gift list, a special request list and a personal letter from their match.  We try to provide our sponsors with all the information they will need; however, please contact us if you have any questions. Please include the following in your hamper(s):

  1. Gifts for each household member (lists of requested gifts will be provided).

  2. Food and/or a gift card to a local grocery store. 

    1. Food requests will be for the household’s traditional holiday meal. Allergies and food restrictions will be provided to sponsors; please do not include alcohol.

    2. S.H.A.R.E. Society does not have cold storage, and some families may not have that option, either. Please consider a gift card, if requested.

  3. Please clearly label individually wrapped gifts with each family member’s name. If being delivered and picked up from S.H.A.R.E. Society, please clearly number all packages in the hamper, along with the hamper ID number.  We don’t want anything to get lost!

Tips: We do our matching the week of November 24 - December 1st, to give sponsors the option to take advantage of spreading their hamper dollar in sales like Black Friday on November 24th. 



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