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Old Suitcase into a Pet Bed


We all love our furry friends, so let’s show them our love by creating a haven just for them, decorated in their favourite memories with you.

step01-closed suitcase.jpg

Step Two:

Rip out the old, stained material inside on the bottom.


Step One:

Find an old suitcase and clean it with a non-toxic cleaner.


Step Three:

Gather your materials for replacing the upholstery. You’ll need material (cotton works well, such as an old T-shirt), a cushion that nestles into the bottom, and optional decorations (such as ribbon and photos).


Step Four:

Cover the inside of the base and the cushion in your material and glue them down into the suitcase.

Step Five:

Cover the inside of the lid with a fuzzy material by gluing it in place. This step is optional if the lid already looks nice.

step05-inside lid.jpg

Step Six:

If one cushion doesn’t fit perfectly in the base, you can create a second cushion by wrapping Styrofoam peanuts or cloth in material.

step07-almost done inside.jpg

Step Seven:

Glue the smaller cushion down next to the larger cushion to make the base snug.


Step Eight:

Collect decorations such as ribbons, bows, yarn, and pictures.

Step Nine:

Attach photos of you and your pet to the inner lid (with a needle and thread or glue) and decorate with your materials.


Voila! The finished product is a cozy bed for your pet where he can sleep amongst memories of your adventures together.

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