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Volunteer Positions

By volunteering at SHARE you are helping YOUR community.

Your time and effort will help us to support

local Kelowna nonprofits and social agencies that help those in need.

You are helping SHARE run its facilities

and programs which not only provide low-cost

items to those who need it most,

but also helps those who require workplace

experience and employment training.

You can volunteer as much or as

little time as you like - No long-term

commitment required.

Volunteering helps boost your resume,

feels great to help, and gives back to your community!


Be directly involved with the SHARE store; taking donations, assisting customers, organizing merchandise, and helping keep things tidy.  A great way to benefit your community and be directly involved in the SHARE environment.

Community Assistance Program

CAP provides resources for local organizations supporting vulnerable peoples.  You can have a direct involvement by helping us sort and bundle materials according to various needs around the community.

Special Projects/Seasonal

Enjoy working with your hands?  Woodworking?  Crafting?  Painting? Have an idea to spruce up SHARE?  Special Projects aren’t an everyday occurrence, but we can utilize skills of all sorts.  Let us know if you are available!

Volunteer With Us

Antique Store

Join the Team

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