Community Assistance Program

Ukraine Assistance - For those affected by the war in Ukraine.

About the Program
The Community Assistance Program provides clothing, household items (kitchenware and linen), and furniture free of charge for families/individuals in need. This program is now open to any family or individual who has been affected by the war in Ukraine and has come to Canada this year as refugee or displaced person.

How it Works

Individuals and families receive clothing, household goods (kitchenware and linen), and basic furniture items. SHARE Society also offers other items such as toys, bags, toiletries and more.

To receive these items, please follow the steps below to request an appointment.



When you arrive at SHARE Society at 581 Gaston Ave, you must meet with the Program Coordinator PRIOR to shopping. Ask the cashier for Kaitlyn.

To get registered we ask for your passport, work visa, or other ID available. Once you are registered, we go over what items you need.

There is a limit of 5 people per appointment. If your household is larger then 5 people, please request another appointment.

Not all shopping needs to be completed at the first appointment, it can be broken up for each family member, or as needed. All shopping must be done by appointment.

What is Included?

1. For clothing each family member can choose their clothing in store and can have another appointment every 3 months.

2. For household goods, you let us know what you need, and it is prepared for  you. Depending on the size of the household, we may ask you to pick up these items another day.

3. For furniture we have selected items available and offer delivery for $25 to be paid when choosing furniture. Items can be held for pickup for one week.

4. We also offer other items such as toys, books, bathroom and toiletry items, and more. All items are based on availability. If we don’t have what you need at your appointment, we can hold items by request.

 Book Your Appointment

For Individuals and Families – book your appointment following the link below.

Choose the day and time – then request to book.

Fill out your, first name (or agency), email, phone number, the number of people in your household needing assistance, the items you need, let us know how you heard about SHARE Society, and leave any comments and questions – then request to book again.

Your request will be pending, waiting approval from the Program Coordinator.

Once approved you will receive another email to confirm your appointment and answer any questions and comments.